Side Angle Revolved Crescent can help beat the hangover blues.
Ease symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with poses like Cow Face. You're only a few stretches away from your nearest cure!

Hundreds of full-color, step-by-step photos make it so simple! Tons of extra tips help you meet your goals. 408 pages with hundreds and hundreds of full-color, step-by-step photos will help you lose weight and sculpt a strong, sexy body. Master 231 poses and 42 sequences you can customize to your own unique needs.

If you suffer from:

Insomnia: Try these poses, and you’ll sleep like a baby. Sweet dreams!
Headaches and Migraines: Thwart an oncoming headache and prevent future
attacks. Amazing!

Try Extended Puppy to thwart a migraine and even help prevent future attacks. Try It FREE for 21 days! Click here!

High-Heel Pain: Let Standing Forward Fold with Crossed Legs relieve
high-heel pain
PMS: Kiss those mood swings goodbye. Is this routine more soothing
than chocolate? You be the judge.
Back pain: Don’t pop a painkiller! This sequence is more effective at
easing those nagging symptoms.

Child's Pose can help lessen back pain.

Anxiety: Create a sense of fearlessness with
the backbends in this routine. Deep breathing
helps you feel more confident and centered.

Hangover: Over-indulge? Get ready to detox
with these proven moves. Better than any
home remedy!

Plus many, many more.
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